To create and ideal environment for the development of innovative, productive, patriotic and competent teachers embedded in Christian values for global competitiveness by 2025


To implement a system for human capital development through teaching, research, community service, innovation and industrialization to promote heritage based education.


Promoting modernization and industrialisation through heritage based philosophy in Teacher Education. 

Core Values

Unhu, Ubuntu, Integrity

Observe all morally and culturally accepted values


Character, spirit or methods distinguished from amateurs’


Total commitment to Morgenster Teachers College


Translating an idea or invention into a product that creates value.

Tolerance / Inclusivity

Accommodating diversity


Morgenster Teachers College is part of the education work of the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe. The operations of the college initiated in the year 1902. It is sometimes referred to as scenic Morgenster. It is located 35km south of the Masvingo town. It is also the direction of the Great Zimbabwe Hotel. The college is situated in old building that give to any visitor testimony of its long history and modern buildings that show progress with modern times. Features like unique finger rock, The world’s view and the Mugabe Hills, make Morgenster very scenic. 

Our Mandate

The central mandate of the college is the training of high quality teachers  who will effortlessly and effectively fit in the contemporary education landscape not only of Zimbabwe but of the world. Thus, we are trying to absorb the contemporary issues in the teacher education (gender, technology, research, environment and resource mobilization) into the education of today’s teacher of Morgenster Teachers College. It goes without saying that Morgenster Teachers College has highly qualified personnel to fulfill that mandate. The major areas that a student teacher has to go through before qualifying are Professional Studies Syllabus A, Theory of Education, Professional Studies Syllabus B, the main study then Syllabus D and lastly Syllabus D. There is also the Early Childhood Development as a major area of Study.


The history of the college dates back to 1891 when missionaries established Morgenster Mission. The present site of Morgenster Mission was unexplored and the missionaries were inspired to stay and spread the word of God in the hospitable environment of Chief Mugabe area. Initial efforts to train teachers were impeded by language barriers. The situation was stabilized when Reverend Henry Murray with a Bachelor of Arts degree joined the college as the first officially commissioned Principal in 1911. Lay preachers established the vision of the college which was anchored on Christianity. A number of significant developments within the institution were spearheaded by various principals who worked at this Reformed Church in Zimbabwe run institution since its inception.